Switchboard offer their support to help LGBTQ people complete the 2021 census

Photo of LGBTQ flag and text saying 2021 census to record  LGBTQ people  for the first time

2021 census to record LGBT people for the first time

For the first time in history the census will ask about sexual orientation and trans status and Switchboard are here to offer the LGBTQ community their support to complete this.

Switchboard say: 

"We’re working with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Good Things Foundation to support LGBTQ people to complete the census, ensuring everyone has the chance to be counted.

For too long the LGBTQ community has been a hidden population. The 2021 census will enable us to finally get an accurate picture of the size and make-up of the LGBTQ population in Britain. By taking part in the census you are contributing to a stronger argument for the government and services of all kinds to consider the needs of LGBTQ people both locally and nationally. It also helps charities like ours prove that there is a community out there who need us.

No matter where in the country you live, if you are LGBTQ you can book an appointment with us for support. This could be over the phone, online, or in person (subject to government guidelines). Our volunteer advisors are trained and ready to help."

Click here for more information about Switchboard and the 2021 Census which will happen on 21st March 2021.

Or visit census.gov.uk.