Spreading Kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week

Donation and delivery of plants for Mental Health Awareness Week

This year's Mental Health Awareness Week theme has been 'kindness'. Through joined up planning with our partner, Mind in Brighton & Hove (MiBH) we were able to link up our lead provider Southdown with Plumpton College to receive their kind donation of plants.

Plumpton College had donated the herbs and marigold plants to MiBH to be distributed to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities across the city for Mental Health Awareness Week.

On Wednesday, the College delivered the plants to Preston Park Recovery Centre where a group of Southdown 'Reservist' volunteers collected and distributed them to nine of their learning disability support services with their food deliveries.

Martin, a Southdown Reservist who helped co-ordinate the delivery with Plumpton College, said:
“They brought marigolds, parsley and coriander - one marigold and herb per client. We chatted at a distance in the beautiful garden at Preston Park Recovery Centre about what they are doing and the mental health benefits of plants and gardening. It’s such a nice thing they are doing and hopefully will bring a bit of colour, mental relief, and inspiration to our clients.”

MiBH also produced a short guide to Ecotherapy to accompany the plants, highlighting the benefits plants bring to mental wellbeing.

Mind in Brighton and Hove Ecotherapy card

We’ve already received some lovely feedback from staff at the services who have said that their residents would really appreciate them.

We'd like to thank Plumpton College and Mind in Brighton and Hove for this opportunity.

Throughout this week (18th - 24th May 2020) we've shared a variety of tips and stories about kindness via our social media channels. Do take a look and follow us over on on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You can also visit The Mental Health Foundation website for more information about Mental Health Awareness Week and why they chose the theme of 'kindness' this year.