Men's Health Week - Are you really OK?

Photo of three men stood close together to depict peer support

Men's Health Week Week takes place 14th-18th June 2021.

  • How are you actually feeling? 

  • Are you really OK?

  • Are the men in your life doing OK - your brother, your partner, your husband, nephew, uncle, your mates?

Did you know that in England, around one in eight men has a common mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)? - Mental Health Foundation.

In this short video we hear various men share the activities they do that help them beat stress.

The Men's Health Forum website has lots of articles and tips about a variety of topics on men's physical and mental health - click here to take a look.

Community Roots' partner Grassroots Suicide Prevention has tips relating to suicide prevention if you are have suicidal thoughts or worried about someone else - click here to read more.

And Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) run a helpline and webchat service and can talk to you about whatever is getting you down. They are open 5pm – midnight 365 days a year - click here to access their service and find out more.